Two Trailers

Two trailers, really?

Yes, mainly because this set up provided me the sufficient public attention not only to spread the message of how good the bicycle is but to get enough resources from all kind of people along the way.

By the way, this is what you find in the front page of my site:

“Omar Ruiz-Diaz currently
made an extensive
cycling & walking
expedition around the
world. He wrote more
than a dozen diaries
about his travel
experiences on the road.
Adventurer and nomad,
Omar took seriously the
issue of environment with
the slogan: “quality of life
means quality of air”. His
main motivation is to tell
everyone how important it
is to use alternative
transportation (bus, train
or bike) to any urban
destination. Also, he
petitions the governments
to make more bicycle
paths in the streets and
avenues. The matter is
less pollution and noises
and more fresh and clean
air in the cities.

As the trip continues
through different
countries, he has
developed various
projects like editing a
video documentary, the
publication of a book, the
design of a new web
page and organized a
foundation to promote the
idea of bicycling